Vedas are the greatest treasure of the mankind. The traditional abodes of ancient rushies and sages of India pervaded with calm and serenity. In order to preserve our oldest culture, the Kashi Annapurna Annakshetra Trust Varanasi come forward to promote Vedic education and adopted the Gurukul Brahmacharya ashram of goddess kashi Annapurna temple situated at shivapur coming under pancha kosh yatra purview grounds. The strength was increased to 200 poor Brahmin children of various places of our country

The students are basically taught with basic culture of the human beings along with Vedic education with love and motherly affection so as to make good citizen of the country; they are being well trained under the expert and well experienced Sanskrit scholars. Along with our oldest Vedic culture, they are also learning modern computer technology in order to extend their skills to the society in future. All facilities like shelter, food, clothes, medicine, books, modern computer technology etc.are being provided to the students at free of cost by the grace of goddess kashi Annapurna Devi.
The school is situated in shivapur,varanasi,[u.p] with in it's own 27 acres of spacious land with building about 10000 sq ft., plinth Area. The syllabus of Vedic school education is prescribed as per the norms of Sampurnanda Sanskrit University, Varanasi. The students of this Vedic school are also participating in competitive events along with other educational institutions and creating good performance.our trust is looking forward to upgrade the educational system, so as make the Vedic education to give more materials for research World.